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Admin Application [Layout]

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1Admin Application [Layout] Empty Admin Application [Layout] on Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:53 pm

L e M o N s `

L e M o N s `
Owner/Site Founder
Owner/Site Founder
Before Registering or applying you must comply and be truthful about to the following things!.. Failure to do so will result in a decline of your Application

1.You will need a Steam Account with a legit CS 1.6 installation:

2.Your Steam VAC Status needs to be in good standing

3.Active player on the Hyper-Strike servers


How Old Are You?*

Please note: YOU must be < age of 14
Ingame Alias:*

Steam ID:

How long have you played CS? (refer to steam page)

What server are you applying for? (e.g Hyper-Strike)

Do you have any past experience of admin?

PleasNote: Must name the server/community you had admin on. be descriptive

Have you ever lost admin or had it taken away?*
Please Note: If yes please go into detail about why!

What do you think of Hyper-Strike at the moment (DONT SUCK UP):*

Why do you want to be admin?*

[Be descriptive]

Write your name below if you agree to that all the information that you have given us in this application is correct and truthful
<Insert name>

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